• Buletin Ekonomi Moneter dan Perbankan

    Mountain View


    this is an international peer-reviewed journal, firstly printed in 1998. The BMEB publishes high quality researches in the field of monetary economics and banking, and related topics in finance and economics, macro-prudential, policy coordination. Published quarterly, the Bulletin of Monetary Economics and Banking is supported by strong Editorial Board and reviewer team, representing the 5 continents and various knowledge fields. We expect the journal will provide a policy references and relevant academic literature in monetary economics, banking, macro-prudential, payment systems, financial stability, and policy coordination. These journals will serve as a good platform to disseminate original and high quality research in the field of monetary and finance, and economics in general. We do any effort to put up measures to ensure sustainability of these journals, publish regularly and promptly, and put in place a solid peer review teams that will ensure the accepted papers for publication are of high quality. The Bulletin of Monetary Economics and Banking is available both in online, in hard copy, and is freely accessed by everyone. We expect to see the finding, the result, the implications, and the recommendation inside these journals will flourish our understanding and encourage a more advanced work. We are on the right track today, and we will be on the right track in any point of time in the future.