The 15 th Bulletin of Monetary Economics and Banking (BMEB) International Conference and Call for Papers 2 – 3 September, 2021


The region’s premier institution, Bank Indonesia Institute – Bank Indonesia, is pleased to host the 15th Bulletin of Monetary Economics and Banking (BMEB) International Conference and Call for Papers on Stimulating Economic Recovery, Promoting Sustainable-Inclusive Growth in the Digital Era: Challenges and Opportunities in collaboration with the Asia-Pacific Applied Economics Association (APAEA). This theme is relevant given the global economic stagnation driven principally by the COVID-19 pandemic. The economic and social ramifications of the pandemic have inspired innovation in both fiscal and monetary policies to mitigate and reinvigorate economies globally. This call for papers encourages papers that (a) evaluate and
discuss economic policy priorities amidst the global pandemic, and (b) examine the suite of economic policy mix needed for maintaining stability, sustaining growth, and promoting equitable welfare, in the post-pandemic era.

The BMEB is an international peer-reviewed journal. The BMEB focuses on a broad range of topics covering monetary economics and policy, finance and banking, macro-prudential policy, payment systems, financial stability, financial markets, and structural reform that are of regional and global relevance. The BMEB’s scope is global and the journal endeavours to publish high quality research that makes a contribution to the literature and/or has an impact on policy making.  In this regard, the BMEB welcomes research papers from both central bank and non-central bank economists, academics, and policy makers regardless of their institutional affiliation and geographic location. Since 2019, the BMEB has been indexed in Scopus, listed in Australia Business Deans Council (ABDC) Journal Quality List, and included in SINTA-1 Accreditation by the Ministry of Research and Higher Education – The Republic of Indonesia.


Empirical, theoretical, and modelling (including dynamic stochastic general equilibrium modelling) papers on (but not limited to) the following topics are welcomed: 

  • Accelerating economic recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic for monetary policy and macroeconomic policy mix 
  • Rethinking economic policy priorities amidst the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Managing financial stability amidst the COVID-19 pandemic 
  • Capital flows to emerging markets during the COVID -19 pandemic and preparing for the post-pandemic era 
  • Global economic spill-over and macro-financial linkages in emerging market economies with implications for the economic policy mix 
  • Globalization, inequality, and financial sector policies
  • Human capital, labor market dynamics, and monetary policy 
  • Sustainability growth and climate risk
  • Technological change and monetary policy 
  • Central bank digital currency
  • Digital transformation and the payment system development 


The 15th Bulletin of Monetary Economics and Banking International Conference and Call for Papers is planned to be officially opened by the Governor Bank Indonesia, Dr. Perry Warjiyo (Editor-in-Chief, BMEB) on September 2 2021, who will also deliver his keynote address. His address will be followed by the plenary sessions. The theme for the plenary session is “Sustainable Development Growth Amidst Pandemic Covid-19”. The plenary speakers will be announced soon. The plenary sessions will be moderated by Paresh Narayan, Monash University and President of APAEA.


July 10, 2021   


Due date for paper submission.

July 30, 2021 


Scienific Comittee Decision
Due date for submitting the revised papers

August 5, 2021  


Author acceptance of Term of Conditions

August 12, 2021                        


Registration Date   

September 2, 2021

September 3, 2021


Plenary Sessions, followed by Parallel Sessions (Day 1)

Parallel Sessions (Day 2)


  1. Authors from Indonesia are invited to submit their research papers (IN ENGLISH) with  (at least) 3 JEL CLASSIFICATIONS, in word version, to: or this link
  2. Authors from other countries are invited to submit their research papers (IN ENGLISH) with (at least) 3 JEL CLASSIFICATIONS, in word version, to: and
  3. Important announcement will be posted on and
  4. Submissions of full paper should be in English and be accompanied by an abstract.
  5. All invited papers will be presented at the parallel sessions and each paper will have an assigned discussant. Each presenter will have 15-20 minutes to present his/her paper; a discussant will discuss the paper for 5-7 minutes; and 3 minutes will be allotted for additional questions & answers.
  6. After regular double blind peer-review process, the invited papers will be considered for publication in the Bulletin of Monetary Economics and Banking (BMEB) regular and Special Issues, or a Special Issue of any of the following BMEB ‘s partner journals: (1) Emerging Markets Finance and Trades, (2) Studies in Economics and Finance, and (3) Economic Analysis and Policy. All are Scopus indexed journal. Details regarding journal submission will be conveyed after the conference.
  7. One time reward of Rp 15.000.000 will be provided to paper accepted for publication in point 6 above and conditional on authors signing a copyright transfer form.
  8. Two best papers will be selected and rewarded Rp. 10.000.000 each.


  • Juhro, M. Solikin (Bank Indonesia Institute, Indonesia)
  • Gunadi, Iman (Bank Indonesia Institute, Indonesia)
  • Syarifuddin, Ferry (Bank Indonesia Institute, Indonesia) 
  • Ridhwan, MHA (Bank Indonesia Institute, Indonesia) 
  • Harun, Cicilia Anggadewi (Bank Indonesia, Indonesia)
  • Sahminan, Sahminan (Bank Indonesia, Indonesia)
  • Munandar, Haris (Bank Indonesia, Indonesia) 
  • Zams, Bastian Muzbar (Bank Indonesia, Indonesia)
  • Adrison, Vid (UI, Indonesia)
  • Pradiptyo, Rimawan (UGM, Indonesia)
  • Bakhtiar, Tony (IPB, Indonesia)
  • Yusuf, Arief Anshory (UNPAD, Indonesia)
  • Sukmana, Raditya (UNAIR, Indonesia)
  • Suryahadi, Asep (SMERU Research Institute, Indonesia)    
  • Irawan, Tony (IPB, Indonesia)
  • Soedarmono, Wahyoe (Sampoerna University, Indonesia)       
  • Ekaputra, Irwan Adi (UI, Indonesia)    
  • Narayan, Paresh (Monash University, Australia)
  • Ibrahim, Mansor (INCEIF, Malaysia)                
  • Phan, Dinh (La Trobe University, Australia)
  • Iyke, N. Bernard (Deakin  University, Australia)
  • Rizvi, Syed Aun R. (LUMS, Lahore, Pakistan)
  • Sharma, Susan (Deakin University, Australia)
  • Yezhou, Sha (Capital University of Economics & Business, Beijing, China)
  • Prabheesh, P.K.  (Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, India)
  • Rath, Badri (Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, India)
  • Chun-Ping Chang (Shih Chien University, Taiwan)
  • Devpura, Neluka (University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka)


  • Tobing, Lutzardo (Bank Indonesia Institute) — Co-Chair
  • Pambudi, Sudiro (Bank Indonesia Institute) — Co-Chair
  • Kathon, Jimmy (Bank Indonesia Institute) — Co-Chair
  • K.P, Prabheesh (APAEA, Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, India) — Co-Chair 
  • Rizvi, Aun (APAEA, Lahore University of Management Science, Pakistan)—Co-Chair
  • Nurhemi (Bank Indonesia Institute)
  • Wibowo, Kunto Hari (Bank Indonesia Institute)
  • Oktaviningsih, Satyani (Bank Indonesia Institute)
  • Wardana, Dimas Prasetya (Bank Indonesia Institute)


  • Asia Pacific Applied Economics Association (APAEA)
  • The Association of Indonesian Economists (ISEI)
  • Indonesia Bureau of Economic Research (IBER)